Your Personal Productivity Coach

How would you like to gain an additional hour every day? It's very possible for most people who use computers in their jobs. For most, all it takes is a few well selected, simple strategies and several techniques to make better use of your computer, the Internet and your time.

How We Help

As your productivity coaches, we'll come to your office to personally help you gain that needed productivity. We'll customize a program that works best for the activities that you do every day and the equipment/software/tools that you have at your disposal.

  • Analyze your main activities and the way you use your computer to do them

  • Suggest strategies that will help you do your work more easily and in less time

  • Customize your Windows Desktop & System, Microsoft Office, you Internet browser and e-mail software/service to enhance your work environment

  • Show you additional capabilities of your existing system and software that could help your specific tasks

  • Suggest additional items that could create a better functioning system
Your I.T. Person Benefits Too We don't replace your I.T. support or your system administrator. Nor do we get in his way. We coordinate with him where appropriate so you both win. You become more productive without needing to ask him for help on every situation that comes up. We provide services that typically go beyond what your I.T. person was hired to do. And we give him more time and energy to do what he really should be doing.

Multiple People At One Company

If you have more than one person who needs our service, we can provide individual coaching to each or a mix of individual and group coaching. That helps you get an even better bang-for-the-buck. Or bring us in to conduct productivity seminars, presentations or workshops that can help dozens or even hundreds of people at the same time.

Call Now!

To reserve dates for our consultants to help you, call 412-531-4270 or send email to mmweb-productivity@mmasters.com.

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