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The Harvest Gold™ Sales Planning Process

The Harvest Gold sales planning process provides sales improvement through territory-level sales planning, goal setting and management

In these special workshops, authorized by Harvest Gold, we'll use the Harvest Gold planning template and tool set to help you implement a 5-step planning process to increase the attainment of the members of your sales team. It includes tools for historical data analysis, goal setting, strategy development as well as built-in management report and goal tracking templates to assist with execution and follow-up.

Territory Planning

Using the HarvestGold™ Sales Planning Process tools and templates, we facilitate the territory planning process in a half-day Planning Workshop. There is also a Manager's Workshop to coach sales managers on plan development and facilitation, so that they can play an active role during the Planning Workshop assisting their sales people with analysis, goal setting and strategy exercises. We also recommend a facilitated Call Blitz session immediately following the Planning Workshop, so that the sale people can immediately begin executing their business plans by scheduling appointments with the accounts that they have targeted for growth during the planning process.

Sales Model

HarvestGold™ can help your company determine the right sales model for your organization, considering direct and channel options, as well as field vs. inside sales approaches. Many times it is a hybrid model that works best, and in those cases, we will help you put systems in place to manage the channel conflict issues that may arise.

Sales Management

Building a sales management process that creates a culture of hard work and accountability, while maintaining a positive working environment is as much an art as it is a science. HarvestGold™ has vast experience in helping sales managers to provide their teams with the tools and the training that they need to be successful, while establishing standards of excellence within the organization to motivate every individual to be a valuable contributor to the total team effort. We will also work with our clients to define minimum acceptable levels of activity and productivity, and put systems in place to help managers proactively identify and manage underperformance.

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